Pain is one of life’s greatest blessings.

Pain helps us realize that something is wrong, the more intense the pain, the more inclined we are to figure out what is wrong and fix it.

Avoiding pain, hurt, running away from conflict or wearing “rose-rimmed” glasses are all reasonably safe ways to go through life but that does not change fact or truth. We are better off facing our fears, fighting our demons, learning our lessons and growing up.

However, this inspirational blog post is not about pain or dealing with life and love hurts. It is about moving a step further from dealing with pain to turning pain into your muse. T.D Jakes always says, “…there is a message in your mess”. You see, in that moment when the hurt seems most unbearable, when life seems to hurt the hardest, those moments are some of the most precious character building moments life gives us; that moment when you realize, all seems lost but I am still here!

Look through the bible, David got to a point where he lost ALL he had, same with Job, Jabez, Elijah, Moses, Paul, Ruth and Naomi. These great people took their situations pain and all and let it carve resolve into their spirits. Rather than breaking, they rose like a Phoenix from the ashes of their sad stories.

When life punches you in the face, accept it! Acknowledge the fact that you made the choices which brought you here. Blame no one but yourself, taking ownership is quite liberating, it helps you realize that only you can make the decisions you need to get yourself out of that messy situation.

Secondly, look for the message in the mess. Every situation happens to teach us something, detach yourself from your emotions and objectively assess the situation, the bible says God gives wisdom to those who ask. Ask Him!

Finally, act! Remember the insanity quote? If you want different outcomes, you have to start making better choices. Don’t stop to explain yourself to anyone, don’t need to be understood or appreciated. We all run an individual race, we all are put on this planet to do something, create something, be something, act now! Act today or tomorrow you just might find yourself right back at this very spot.

Have a great week ahead.


Photo credit: Alicia Versailles