Yea, I said it! I am asking all workaholics to come out of the closet!!

Yes you, I know you are a Workaholic. You don’t believe me? Read on…

Here’s how to know for sure if you are a workaholic. If you answer yes to more than one of the questions below then no doubt you are most definitely a workaholic.

  1. Do you constantly feel sleep deprived? Or worse still believe 4 hours of sleep or less per night is normal?
  2. Do you have one or two recovery strategies for sleep deprivation (coffee, tea or coke)?
  3. Do you randomly remember things you need to do for work when eating, sleeping, hanging out with friends or getting laid?
  4. Do you get pissed when you don’t finish your to do list for any given day?
  5. Are you laughing and nodding right now?

Yup! Its confirmed, you are indeed a workaholic, but there is a cure!!

  1. Accept it and stop vehemently denying it to friends and family. Say it out loud slowly, I am a Workaholic
  2. Get used to sleep deprivation. No one who ever accomplished anything worthy of note had lots of sleep. 
  3. Work hard, Play hard! The few times you get down time, make the most of it!
  4. When you go on vacation, GO ON VACATION!
  5. Learn to say NO. I know you are driven and ambitious but value your time and learn to say NO to things you can do without.

Use these pills, I mean tips everyday for the next 12 months and let me know if it works okay?

2 thoughts on “Workaholics Not So Anonymous

  1. I am not a Workaholic! I answered Yes to ONLY 4 of the 5 questions. I did not laugh and nod -___-

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