A couple of days ago I got a wake up call to get off my a*** and do something more with my life.

It turns out I have gotten quite comfortable with my routine, office – home – church on the weekends and that’s about it.

There really should be more, much more and in fact there is, problem is not a want of dreams or even desire it more a want of WILL.

I want to, but do I will to?

I have been asking myself over and over.

How do I fit my personal interests into an already full itinerary? How does passion fit between, grocery shopping, PTA meetings and delivering on a deadline?

I guess it doesn’t fit, it drives. Passion is something that pushes us to do a little more than we ordinarily would, give a little more, lose a little more sleep, work a little longer, be a little more tired.

Frankly, the very thought for me right now is daunting and I am scared that I may not be able to follow through, but that’s not enough to stop me from trying. Is it?

Well, here goes….

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