His eyes were dark, intensely mysterious yet vulnerable, open and warm. He had a carefree charm to his looks, almost like he didn’t realize just how beautiful he was. His smile could melt a glacier and his touch… his touch was magic!

His hands against my overly sensitive skin melted my insides EVERY time! He knew just what to say, how I needed to be held without sex coming up of course, how to look at me in that “you are so beautiful” way yet without saying any words, what to do EVERY time.

He is my best friend, confidante, lover, brother, father, provider and all round perfect guy.

He is also a cowboy or high-powered businessman, or better yet an alien from another planet with abs of steel and a heart of gold! 🙂

Its quite refreshing that for the most part that no amount of career or financial success can stop most women from waiting on a fairytale.

From a fairytale first meeting when your eyes meet over a crowd and your heart does the chicken dance and your tummy tightens and your mouth goes dry, to a fairytale whirlwind romance culminating in a fairytale wedding.

Education and enlightenment cannot argue with a tiara and the perfect white dress or the concept of something blue and something borrowed. Even the toughest girls turn to mush at the perfect proposal – perfect being relative to each girl of course.

Waiting on a fairytale.

Waiting for the perfect guy.

The perfect love story with no tragic endings please, we are not trying to one up Romeo and Juliet, our cravings are more towards The Notebook, Runaway Bride, Love Actually, Pretty Woman and Twilight?

Notice how a number of fairytales end at the magical wedding ceremony? Wait! What happens next? They ride into the sunset but their house is on that perfect hill in the other direction!!

Add to that the aching absence of a fairy godmother and other small details like your job, the absence of talking, helpful animals to help with chores and yes, bills especially since not all fairytales include Christian Grey. Wait! Does that qualify as a fairytale? You decide.

Anyways, back to real life, what to do when the dress is off and you gain 10 pounds and he loves the couch more than well, anything else really? Do you go back to waiting on a fairytale? Or try instead to turn a frog into a prince every night when you kiss him?

There are no easy answers. It helps to believe in miracles though. Some call it magic, I call it a potent mix of kindness, honesty and courage. Yes, Cinderella really was on to something. This mix creates a little bit of magic in every day. In our time of 140 character long conversations and marriages not lasting as long as it took to plan the wedding, a little magic, can go a long way.

Have courage and be kind. To yourself and him and see how things look up.


Photo credit: http://globalpatriot.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/Love-Gives-Us-A-Fairytale.jpg