“She opens her mouth with wisdom and in her tongue is the law of kindness” Proverbs 31:26

Whenever I start thinking all sexist because of all the things that “we women” do and go through that men never seem to get a hang off or appreciate, I read again Proverbs 31.

This is not about religion or spirituality, it is about practical living.

The woman described in this book is wonder woman to say the least, an entrepreneur, home keeper, hardworking, strong, resourceful, hospitable, fashionable, and finally, wise and kind!

Whoa! I can only imagine? I don’t see any cursing, tantrums, selfishness, or depression and no I don’t think her husband was perfect. Frankly, I don’t even see her husband pitching in to help, all I see is that he is known and respected in the community guess why? Because of her!

If this is in the Bible, it is because it is possible and we can achieve it.

Women are made strong, emotionally, spiritually and psychologically, I guess if God added physical strength to the mix, we would intimidate the men.

God gave us a lot to handle, but that is because we can! This is not about this generation and how woman “these days” are expected to provide; it doesn’t even matter if you have to put on a suit in the morning or a pair of jeans or a wrapper for that matter, women since time immemorial have been working to support their families; My grandmother used to trade between 2 states back in the day, my mother was a career woman for all of my adolescent and part of my teenage years, I come from a long line of resourcefulness and strength.
It is no longer enough to buy the crap (yea, I said crap) that is being sold to us about how men are supposed to provide for all of our needs emotional, financial while we sit around doing nothing or waiting for a reason to complain.

Our daughters need a standard to emulate; our sons need a standard to look out for.

I think the bible did well to say, her works will praise her and she will rejoice in days to come, it’s not about today as much as it is about building something that generations after you can aspire to.

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