Anyone who knows me fairly well knows that on the subject of politics in the workplace I have not really expressed moral rage at the unprofessional-ism of its manifestations or carried a verbal placard in protest, on the contrary, a long time ago I made my peace with corporate politics because I realized that it is simply:

  • Human beings trying to survive (Jungle/Dog-eat-Dog mentality) and
  • Inevitable and unavoidable and choosing not to “play politics” is in itself playing 🙂

Recently however, I have been thinking around the seen and unseen effects of corporate politicking on business growth and employee job satisfaction.

I have been thinking about innovative ideas lost because some employee was afraid to speak up to avoid “rocking the boat” or appearing to want to usurp someone else’s role.

I have been thinking about bright careers sacrificed on the alter of egos, cliques and factions, thinking of lives altered because someone had to prove a point. People put of of jobs for flimsy reasons!

I am thinking about business opportunities foregone because of lack of synergy across teams due to conflicting interests of stakeholders.

Honestly, in a lot of cases corporate politics is the worst manifestation of human nature; of selfishness and greed; of rage and violence. 

Not seeing the big picture can cause a lot of personal and professional harm and not all of it is immediately evident. So before you type that next email or not so subtly threaten that subordinate or send that query, or whip up non-performance claims out of thin air, ask yourself, what is my intent? To improve or tear down, to instruct or subjugate?

We all have been given golden opportunities to improve the lives of those around us. Let us do so because we never know just how much value we could be creating.

Still thinking, watch this space for more…. 😉