Everywhere you look there is some sort of tension. Fighting for equality and against injustice. People fighting for the rights of black people. Fighting for the rights of the poor and hungry in developing countries. Fighting for the rights of women all over the world. There is a global outcry against gang rape in India to female circumcision and child brides in Nigeria to equal pay in the United States. Tension, inequality and bigotry everywhere.

It is interesting that some people deem themselves superior by some factor they have no hand in affording themselves. Be it skin color, gender or geography. How many children get to choose if they are born male or female, or if they are born in the slums of Lagos or in the “land of the free and the home of the brave”? How many children get to choose if they are born black or white? Isn’t it a little absurd that we take pride and form factions based on things we couldn’t choose if we wanted to.

For men and women, the debate is as old as time itself. Eve and her irrational decision making process is to blame for the fate of mankind so please, please, do not let women make decisions lest they plunge the world into chaos. And so women were not allowed to vote, own property or make decisions that even affected their own bodies. For years women were forced to marry men they hated, give up their inheritance, cower under the shadow of their male overlords and be grateful for whatever freedom they were afforded because they are the “weaker sex’. The men took a phallus as a scepter of power, wielded it with authority and pride whenever they could paying no regard to intelligence, context, experience or exposure and for years women have fought back.

For years women have said, if you have a phallus well, I have mammary glands and a uterus, you don’t have one of those do you? You have a brain? I have one too! I can work as hard and climb as high. I can swim as far and go to the moon. And on and on the d**k measuring contest goes. Fast forward a couple of decades later we now have house husbands, working moms and single sex couples. The decent men are not sure if to open the door for you for fear of breaking some unwritten rule because the rules of feminism keep changing. Open the door for me to show you are romantic but don’t ask me to pick up the cheque even though I earn more and dinner was my idea.

The man is supposed to propose to me but why if we are equal? You should be able to ask his hand in marriage as well? He is supposed to make it rain? Well, you said you could work as hard so why not make it rain too? We have fought each other for so long we are not even sure what utopia looks like? Is it a world where all women can have careers and have abortions without any constraints? Is it a world where men were supposed to provide, be stay home Dads while remembering to mow the lawn and take out the trash?

From the suffragettes to women driving in the middle east, women have fought under the banner of equality. Equal pay, equal rights and equal opportunities.

What is this fighting for? What does equality look like? We need to stop and ask for a moment. Because we can now vote, we can now marry people we love and when we decide we don’t love them anymore, we can leave them and take half of everything they have worked for regardless of our earning power or theirs. We can even decide not to have children. But we are still fighting.

How about a different point of view. What if we fought under the banner of synergy and diversity not equality. It is true that men and women are both physically and psychologically different but what if it wasn’t about who was better but more about how our diversity created infinitely more synergies. What if we stopped fighting each other for a minute and jointly combatted other more daunting challenges like the dying planet or better still, ice-cream  that doesn’t make you fat ;).

What if we focused on our strengths and how to complement each other? It may sound boring but what if the law was fair instead of overly biased in favor of one gender over the other depending on the subject? Just think of all the possibilities and how much more we could get done.

One can only dream right?

Image source: https://www.pinterest.com/explore/cis-gendered/