I will start this post my saying up until now, I never seriously considered myself a feminist and in a lot of ways I still don’t. I am however a strong believer in the “strengths of the sexes” and the different and wonderful ways we can leverage our strengths as men and women to build synergized teams and balanced social systems. Even at that, a lot of times I still think I could be a little too traditional but then again, I find  that in life, it is all about balance.

That said, I will move unto the meat of my post. The idea for this post literally popped into my head yesterday after a long day and I felt I had to write this down before I forgot about it. I doubt it will be a long post as the message is all in the title but allow me to elucidate.

I hear and read a lot of what I call rants about female inequality in the work place (don’t burn me at the stake just yet), some very well founded and very true.
It is actually a fact that women face a lot more blockers professionally than men. It is also true that women have to contend with a lot of internal and external pressure to attain what would appear to be the same level of career success with a man. It is definitely true that in most cases when a women does attain some success, in a number of cases and a number of ways she gets punished directly or indirectly by society, her peers and wait for it, herself! Yup!! Most times, a woman’s worst enemy is her very own self!!!

Now, like I say in a lot of my posts I am neither psychic nor a psychiatrist nor do I have all the answers but I occasionally have eureka moments when I am not in the bathroom or under a tree 🙂 and yesterday was one of those moments. It seems so simple. Stop whining and GET BETTER!

Joyce Meyer always says the mind is a battlefield and until you win the battle in your mind, you aint winning nowhere else! The same applies here; we need to stop waiting for the world to become fair and start taking control of the situation.

Instead of pining about how we don’t get given equal opportunities in the work place, how about we get better at finding/vying for and getting the opportunities we require?

Instead of b*tching about how we don’t get enough recognition or how male peers and team mates steal our thunder, how about we get better at what I like to call corporate positioning? Some people have been known to call it politicking to that I say Tomato, Tomato 🙂

Instead of whining about how work hours can be unrealistic given other social and family commitments, how about we get better at finding jobs better suited to our lifestyle or better still upgrade yours skills such that you can negotiate better work terms because you are just that good! 🙂

I have always said, history has not really been fair to women. Granted! But our generation has more opportunity more than any other before us to take control of our destinies and stop waiting for the world or worse off a man to hand it to us.

Just my 5 cents, now you can light the stake if you still want to. 🙂