This morning I woke unusually early bright eyed and with some things pressing on my mind.

In our world and our time, there are a lot of greys, and few black and white. It’s OK to do so and so just as long as you don’t let it get to so and so. On and on it goes.

I am not by any means saying I am innocent of this, in fact I am quite guilty.

The thing i love about the truth is that its not complicated at all, not in the very least, the truth is, doing wrong with all the best intentions is still doing wrong!

Intentions are what you explain to people to make them realise that you are not really a bad guy, they are a salve we apply to our consciences to make us feel better.

What I think the focus should be is doing right. There will always be cynics in this world and people who will think the worst of you no matter what you do or say but doing what is right and honorable does one thing, it takes care of the conscience and the good book says, if you are not condemned by your conscience then you are not condemned in the eyes of God.

Its just as simple as that!

One thought on “Still Wrong

  1. Sorry doe eye, the truth is more complicated than the lie.

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