re·store (ri stôr′)

Transitive verb restored -·stored′, restoring -·stor′·ing give back (something taken away, lost, etc.); make restitution of bring back to a former or normal condition, as by repairing, rebuilding, altering, etc.: to restore a building, painting, etc. put (a person) back in a place, position, rank, etc.: to restore a king to his throne bring back to health, strength, etc. bring back into being, use, etc.; reestablish: to restore order.

Life often times is like a waves of the ocean beating against a rock. We with every crash and splash, it may not be immediately apparent but bits and pieces of that humongous rock are being washed away. After a while, there will be nothing left of what once seemed like an imposing piece of nature.

We are like those rocks, everyday we wake up and let splashed, crashed at, tossed, turned, soaked by the many things that happen in our lives.

At the end of each day, before sleep shuts my eyes, I send up a prayer to heaven for restoration. For a replacement of all that was lost, for a rebuilding of everything that was broken, for a reestablishment of everything that was shaken.

I drift to sleep knowing that while my ocean awaits, I have PEACE! Nothing lost, Nothing Broken!!

Restore my Soul!