Recently, network marketing has become quite popular with people using phrases such as do you have a “Plan B” and very passionately reminding us white-collar workers about how elusive “job security” is and how we all need to have a back up plan just in case our jobs/industry decides to go belly up.

I totally agree with the concept and the global economic situation makes it more pertinent but am not personally a fan of network marketing for a host of personal reasons I do not particular wish to debate on the world wide web at this moment or on this post.

That said, I usually come away from conversations like this asking myself some hard questions about the future and serious thinking of all the possible “What ifs….”.

In mathematics, X is usually a letter used as a placeholder for an unknown variable. So, my Plan X is to find out and catalog all of my possible plans from B to W and perform selection by elimination until I find that one thing asides from my day job and not necessarily unrelated to my day job which I am passionate about and can pay some of my bills.

It is not a Plan B or even C but it is a start.

Got a Plan B or X?

Think up one today because in truth, white collar jobs do not come with guarantees.