However you slice or dice it, the concept of perfection is relative. I doubt that many people anyone’s idea of what perfection but on some level we all yearn for perfection – an ideal place or set of events or circumstances. A perfect wife, house, job, family, body, vacation etc.
We yearn, work, strive, grow and stretch to get some piece of that ideal for ourselves and the ones we love. Sometimes it appears we succeed, sometimes not. So we keep working, striving and stretching in the famed “rat race”.
What if perfection is elusive by design? What if this life, this world, this planet was designed to remain fraught with imperfection on purpose so that we hope instead for a more eternal ideal?
Is universal or maybe only in the eyes of the beholder. This as well, is relative.
Boob, butt and nose jobs, fitness regimens and diets all work to create and maintain what is generally accepted as beautiful in our world today but underneath our skin and bones lie eternal souls. If you were to see your soul in the physical, what would it look like? Would it have the same bronzed and toned body from the right diet and exercise or would it be sickly and pale from the cancers of bitterness, envy, strife and hate? 
Perfect Beauty.
Not based on a size 0 waistline, legs that go on forever or flawless skin but based on things more eternal, free from decay and unspoiled. Rather a more eternal and lasting perfection fed by the Spirit, nourished by the word, strengthened by fellowship connected to a source of Life not of this world, abundant, everlasting. That is a worthy health and fitness goal don’t you think?
Paul said physical training is of some value but godliness has value for all things holding value for both the present life and the life to come 1Timothy 4:8.
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