I love the beach! I am not sure why.

Maybe it is because the beach was our family’s go to for recreation or maybe its because of the inner calm I get from watching water meet sky and pondering the matchless power of the creator of the universe.

The thing about the peace I refer to is that nothing in my present reality changes, not my life, its troubles, my worries or woes but in that instant when I focus on the wonder of creation and the power of the Creator, my perspective changes.

Perpective is extremely powerful. Perspective affects our attitude which in turn affects our words which shapes our lives. Perspective is untransferable, unteachable, intangible and can be the difference between peace and chaos.

The easiest way to think about and change our perspectives is to focus on truth not fact, feeling or fear. In every situation, there is a truth, and then there are the facts, what we fear, think and believe and finally how we feel. The only material consideration per time is the TRUTH.

This truth is what God says about that situation, that is the only material consideration regardless of all the other things, even regardless of if we believe it or not.

What is God saying about your situation today?