“According to Freudian psychoanalytic theory, displacement is when a person shifts his/her impulses from an unacceptable target to a more acceptable or less threatening target.”

A lot of times, we find more acceptable means to handle the hand we are dealt by life and to do so we sometimes take out our frustrations on other things or people or worse still ourselves. This typically shows up in the form of a distorted self image, low self esteem, being unkind to yourself or blaming yourself for all of life’s problems.

Internalizing negative events and problems and making them your fault is not healthy. Not everything that goes wrong is related to a shortfall, mistake or something you did wrong! Wisdom is being able to differentiate between what is yours to fix and grow from and what is yours to leave alone or even walk away from.

This is especially important when it has to do with people, a boss who is practically impossible to please, a friend who drains you ALL in time and remains constantly demanding, people who take and never give etc., you need to learn it is no longer about you  and stay in a healthy mental state.

Every one has their own demons to fight so we should remain kind and considerate but not so much so that we get caught in the cross fire of unresolved daddy and mommy issues, childhood hurts or old flames and emotional baggage.

Before you go into super hero mode and say this is just how you are, here’s the danger of internalizing a negative mental self image, it starts to shape your reality. What used to be limited to just your boss, extends to affect every other job you get, what was the baggage of one boyfriend, becomes the template for all your relationships and on and on it goes.

Our thoughts and state of mind shapes our world in more ways than we consciously realize. The bible puts this aptly when it says, “Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life” Proverbs 4:23

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