Men typically think the best way is to protect the women in their lives (mums, sisters, wives, friends, girlfriends etc.) is to shield them as much as possible from reality, the truth, facts that may harm or offend their fragile sensibilities, issues which their minds may be unable to comprehend. Let the women worry about the latest fashion trends while the men deal with the “real” issues.

The odd truth is that women are built for just that kind of burden. Women are psychologically, emotionally and mentally optimized for solving complex problems and finding a solution which balances practicality and humanity. This is no women’s liberation speech. God made women to help men, period! A lot of men and women alike are sadly unaware of this potential and as such find some shallow representation of what women are or should be and call it day.

I doubt most men can comprehend the sheer will it takes to conceive, carry, birth and raise another human being without coming apart at the seams; sit under a hooded hair dryer for hours knowing fully well the pain and discomfort that awaits, need I mention bikini wax? Women posses vast amounts of sheer will which left untapped will be applied sadly to more mundane pursuits but imagine a world in which all that potential was tapped and purposed.

A man’s role is to provide vision, guidance and a woman with the right man in front of her can accomplish unspeakable things.

The next time you look at that woman in your life and decide that she is just too fragile to be of any “real” use, think about your mother, your aunts, Margaret Thatcher, Mother Theresa, Michelle Obama, Oprah, Angelina Jolie, Maya Angelou, Barbara Streisand, Queen Elizabeth,  Meryl Streep a long, yet incomplete list of women deeply admired globally for a lot of different reasons. That woman in your life is made of the same material, the same set of skills, inclinations, potential. It may need honing, tuning, mining, refining even but it is there and it is your job as a man to find that gold or stop whining and keep walking!

And for the woman who is waiting for her Adam. Look to your Creator, He is where you began, He is where you will end, He is all you need to begin.