Love is Not pain.
Love should not hurt you and turn you into someone you barely recognize.

Love is not pain.
Love should not twist your insides, make you doubt yourself, make you desire to become someone else more perfect, more quiet, more outgoing, more “wifely”, more anything!

Love is not pain.
Even when it is unrequited, true love relishes the opportunity to truly love because love is not about itself but another. Love does not ask for anything in return.

Love is not pain.
Do not let some broken soul take your love and twist it into something dark and dangerous. Something which can hurt you and others around you.

Love is not pain.
Give your love freely but protect it fiercely!
Defend it against manipulators and soul devourers. Opportunists and destroyers.
Protect it from hateful words. Keep it from turning sour.
Preserve its innocence. Keep it pure and untainted by “life”.
Respect its timing, frailty, divinity.

Love is the greatest gift to both give and receive. You are blessed to have experienced one or the other.


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  1. Aptly written. This touched and inspired. Great blog you are building,post by post here.

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