I have a lot of regrets.

I regret not doing a lot of things, saying a lot of things, making bad choices, loosing time etc. I have a long list of things that some times on the really bad days, I wish time travel were a commercially available means of transportation.

It might be safe to say that everyone who has lived longer than 5 years had regrets, even children on some level have things they wish they had done although I expect they don’t hold unto the guilt as long as adults do.

That said, the question is, how do you go on living with regrets especially when it is a sin so grave, the guilt and pain threatens any possibility of future happiness?

Ignore it?

Ignoring regret like anything else, doesn’t make it go away. It does not make the pain any less and it does not heal the wound.

Hope that time would heal all wounds?

Unfortunately, emotional and soul hurts cannot be healed by time. Usually, all it takes is some event to make the feels of self loathing, guilt and pain to come rushing back like it was just yesterday.

Let the negative feelings wash over you and steal your joy every time they possibly can?

Tempting. But no! This is a sure fire way to kiss joy goodbye for the foreseeable future.

What they do you do? I would start by forgiving yourself and reminding yourself why you have forgiven yourself. Refusing forgiveness from God, yourself and others is not remorse or repentance, it is pride.

If a flawless, perfect God can look upon your sins and wipe them clean, you really have no choice but to forgive yourself as well and accept His love. Same applies to extending that forgiveness to others who have hurt you.

I am not certain feelings of regret ever truly go away. Rather than being a source of pain and shame, we can turn our regrets into a story of Grace, a reminder of our humanity and a highlight of God’s mercy and favour.

We cannot change the past but we can DEFINITELY change the future.

Photo Credit: https://ironmanstrength.wordpress.com/2011/06/07/no-regret-leave-it-all-on-the-field/