There is a purpose to our lives in much the same way as there is a purpose to everything else created by God or made by man. We as humans, were created for a reason, a purpose. Now, while there is a general purpose to all mankind – to take dominion over this earth – but there is also an individual purpose specific and custom built for you and me, a part that only you can play.

That is not the best part. The best part is that you come “out of the box” or more relevantly, out of your mother’s uterus equipped with the raw skills and capabilities to achieve this unique purpose such that refusing and neglecting to do so can leave your life feeling empty and pointless.

It might be safe to postulate that the growing rate of suicides, drug use and substance abuse, infidelity, obesity and whatever else you can think of is linked on some level to either people trying (unsuccessfully) to fill a void, a meaninglessness and hopelessness to their lives or to people loosing hope in the possibility of ever finding that meaning and connection in this lifetime.

Success, joy and happiness is tied to finding, understanding and living on purpose.

Living on purpose frees you from Hollywood’s definition of success and happiness; it redefines your priorities, lifestyle choices, timelines, investments, relationship and career choices.

Take a minute and examine the last week, how much of the things you did and the time you spent meant anything? How much of it got you closer to your goals? How much of it fed your soul and energized your spirit. Now look at the week ahead of you planned out and ask yourself the same questions.

The power to change the course of your life is in your hands. Will you use it or loose it?



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  1. Yay new post! And very timely too… I’ve been struggling with what my purpose really is for the last couple of days. Thank you for this.

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