I have been mentally preparing for this post all week long! This is a topic I worry may send the wrong message or leave the wrong impression but my fear unfortunately has not been so strong that I would change my mind about writing this.

Luvberty Corporation is about finding liberty from love. True liberty comes from true love. Love received from God, truth distilled from that love. And so this blog is about sharing knowledge so that we may find God, truth, liberty and love.

So, here goes!

A couple of months ago, I listened for the first time to a Ted Talk by Meaghan Ramsey titled “Why thinking you are ugly is bad for you”. I was so moved by her talk that I shared it with my spouse, sisters and friends. I desperately wanted the people I love to be free! Free to be their beautiful selves unfettered by the impossible views of society and social media which have blurred the lines between what is real and virtual. In the words of Indie Arie it is not about how you wear your hair, the color of your skin but the soul that lives within.

So how do we liberate ourselves from these expectations of beauty fraught with Instagram filters, packaging, anorexia, thigh gaps and the works? We need to grow up and become little girls again.

Little children, girls most especially believe they are the most beautiful, talented and exquisite people around. My seven year old son never stops telling me how perfect he is. But you see, this doesn’t come from a place of pride or arrogance but rather self awareness and an acknowledgement of potential.

We need to unlearn the lies that life has told us, the words that old boyfriends used to break up with us and the expectations from glossy magazines and pop culture and begin to embrace our realness. I am not encouraging laziness and mediocre thinking, I am rather encouraging authenticity. I am real with myself when I say, girl, you are beautiful but you need to work out more to be healthier not to become someone else or conform to an ideal but solely for me.

Authenticity challenges us to strive and improve from a place of love and acceptance rather than a place of self loathing and low self esteem, or envy and covetousness, wanting to be like the next person or some celebrity.

We need to love ourselves like children do, accept ourselves the same way and others as readily too. Life is more beautiful the more different and diverse we are.

Photo credit: Patti King Majeski