Forgive me Father for I have sinned.
I have somehow gotten it into my head that I am superwoman no, superlady I think I prefer supergirl.
Point is, I thought I was super ‘something’ and could save the world, I even made a cape! A lilac cape!! Lilac is different from pink, pink is too girly for me.
I digress.
Forgive me Father for I have sinned!
I have been foolishly running around in my Lilac cape trying to save the world forgetting it was you who created the world.
I wake up with a start, expletives rolling off my tongue as I realize yet again that I have overslept.
I don’t pause to say thank You, I don’t take a moment to listen to things You might have to say to me.
Instead I hop out of bed thinking my world needs me as I throw on my cape and off I go to be supermom, employee of the century, the coolest sister that ever lived, the most understanding spouse, off I go, whoooosh!
Forgive me Father for I have sinned!!
I have foolishly forgotten that even superman had to fly to the sun to recharge yet I have somehow forgotten the Son,
I start my day not with the Son, not taking the time to find my center, allow You anchor me in, to drink in Your wisdom and Peace.
Forgive me Father for I have sinned!!!
At the end of each long day, I don’t realize the futility of my ways as I fly back home exhausted, battered, bruised, my cape torn in all sorts of places and ways.
I don’t realize that You are the super in me.
Instead, when it is dark and everyone is asleep I quietly mend my lilac cape telling myself I would do better tomorrow
Sometimes it works but on some days like today when life throws me a sucker punch and I cannot find my center I find myself reeling, falling, nothing to anchor me no one to save supergirl.
Forgive me Father for I have sinned!!!!
I fell, crashed and even made a crater just like superman only in my story there is no obnoxious Lois Lane, just me and my Lilac cape.
I crashed and time slowed, the world paused and though my body refused to function my mind wandered.
What am I doing?!?! I try to call out Your name but You seem so far away.
I whisper a prayer and hope once again the Son will come and fix me and this time I will maybe have learnt my lesson.
Forgive me Father for I may sin.
I know I am better now, bruises mended, your Son did come through.
I spent a lot of time with you this morning and it was great!
We talked, I cried, you smiled, we hugged.
I felt your presence envelop me, calm my storms and heal my wounds.
I know tomorrow is Monday and I still have my cape, please help me stop when my alarm goes off and remember that you are the super in me.
Help me not to make the mistakes of yesterday and sin all over again
Your Daughter.