Everyone has a dark side.


The difference between saved people and everyone else is that saved people have been empowered to live above that and more. Even so they stumble and fall from time to time as the flesh struggles with the spirit.

Lets start at the beginning – Adam and Eve.

First, it is a pure world with no sin. All of mankind is deeply connected to God, fellowship, worship and communion is natural. And then, there is one sin. The sin of disobedience.

Fast forward a number of years later, now the world is tainted, the ground is cursed, Adam and Eve have a tedious relationship and then Cain kills Abel? How did we go from disobedience to murder? Think about all the things that went into that one act. Anger. Jealousy. Selfishness. Deceit. Wishing someone else ill, then planning for it, then actually doing it and worse, feeling no guilt.

The object of this inspirational┬ápost is not to trivialize sin. All sin is sin and no sin is greater than the other but it just goes to show that once man is disconnected from God everything and anything could potentially go. Across the entire “sin spectrum”. There are no good people! Jesus said it himself, “there is none good but God. No not one!”

Without God we ALL are ticking time bombs waiting for the right combination of triggers to explode. It might sound odd but divinity in us elevates our humanity back to it intended true form, images of the God walking on this earth and propagating His will and dominion. His initial purpose.

Now it is easy to shake your head in dismay as sad news to gruesome news airs on CNN and then proceed to blame the government, PMB, GEJ, Boko Haram, ISIS, the CEO or Pastor or Father who has been molesting his 13 year old daughter but take a second and examine your deepest darkest thoughts. Remembering that as man thinks, so he is.

How saintly do you feel now?

We are nothing but mere husks of clay without God. No purpose, vulnerable to no end. A risk to ourselves and the world we inhabit. Lost.

Happy Easter Everyone.

Image source: http://www.wakingtimes.com/2015/03/28/why-i-hate-society-but-love-humanity/