My Easter holiday this year started on the eve of Good Friday after a brief stint at the office. I went shopping for some equipments with a friend (a gadget freak) and went home to test them out.

Saturday was exhausting! I went shopping for grocerries, provisions and household appliances, saw a boring movie in the cinemas and got home exhausted.

Sunday was fun, went to church, rearranged my kitchen, watched a movie (Cinema style, surround sound, big screen, snacks and drinks) and lazed around the house.

Monday, I tried out a chinese recipe, tested my new grill (Yum! Yum!!). Did some reading and watched a movie half way – fell asleep before it was over.

And thats how I spent my Easter Holiday!

How did you spend yours?

6 thoughts on “Essay: How I spent my Easter Holiday.

  1. I spent mine doing hw and playing football and I stayed at my grammas for a few days and wallowed over a very disappointing report card

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