From the beginning of time, man has explained what was incomprehensible as strange, and in some cases gone to extremes such as attributing events and people linked to those events as alien, abnormal and to be “corrected”.

It is very easy to treat people funny simply because we don’t understand their quirks, but when I ask my friends and family to describe me, I hear some pretty weird stuff also.

Could it be that weird is relative?

We all bring something unique to the plate, while I may not understand the uniqueness of the next person, I have no right to judge or condemn, I should appreciate the gift of experiencing the uniqueness of that person and know that in life, its not about who you know as much as it is about how you know them.

I don’t believe in chance, I believe in purpose, so I treat every person I meet and every experience with the knowledge that someday that little piece of knowledge or relationship will come to bear in some significant way in my life or in the life of someone i will be honored to meet and contribute to.