Dear Daddy,

Where are you? Why have you refused to come home?
It has been 15 years and you have still not come home.
For a long time I expected you to just show up at our door again like before,
I have waited and waited, but Daddy, you haven’t come.

I know I am a big girl now and no longer your little Princess,
But sometimes I wish I could climb unto your tummy and listen to your heart beating,
I wish I could listen to your stories and catch a glimpse of the pride on your face when I did something right or intelligent.

Daddy, we have all grown up, even Cj is in the university now,
Mummy has done a great job, denying herself so we could live our dreams,
She still misses you so, she doesn’t say it but I know, 
I see it in her faraway gaze sometimes and in the way she looks at us especially Cj.

I am trying my best to take care of her like you said I should,
But sometimes I feel I am not enough,
I cannot make her smile and glow like you did,
You left a crater in our lives Daddy and no one had been able to fill it.

Daddy it has been 15 years and I still wish you were here,
I miss you so much Daddy and now I know you are never coming back,
But I do hope to see you again someday, when this life is finally over,
I hope you are still looking down on me with pride in your eyes.

I love you Daddy,
Your memory will never fade in my heart.

Adieu Papa, 
Your little Princess,