There is no ideal world or situation.

There is hardly any time in which all factors and parameters are exactly the way they should be.

There is no way to be completely happy every time, all the way and in every aspect unless you are maybe a fairy or you live in NeverLand or an Indian movie 🙂

Life can be tough and we sometimes have to make tough decisions in un-ideal situations but that does not detract from the immense opportunity we have to take ordinarily adverse situations and transform them into situations which can add value to ourselves and those around us.

As much as it may not seem or feel that way, the power still lies with us. We have the power to choose to be the best, to become the ideal we desire, to create an ideal world in which anything is possible. 

We have the power to turn mourning to dancing, grief to joy. We have the choice to smile in the face of adversity and rest in the knowledge that though we may be hard-pressed on every side, we are not crushed; we may be perplexed, but not in despair; we may suffer  persecution, but are not forsaken; we may be struck down, but not destroyed!

Nothing is ever as bad as it seems and the future is much brighter than we expect. How do I know? I just do! 🙂

So go ahead and create the reality you seek, the power of life and death lies in your tongue!