Last night while “admiring” the spots on my face, I was struck with how impatience teaches us patience.

Let me explain.

I am light skinned and from time to time because of junk food, stress or hormonal changes, I break out (i.e. I get Pimples).
Now, I absolutely hate those tiny imperfections on my gorgeous face but I know that picking at them will leave a little red blotch which will turn to a dark spot and then take forever to fade.

But what do I do? I pick at them anyway, till the skin is broken and they are bleeding and sore. After a day or so, I notice the dark spot and begin sending up silent prayers before my vanity mirror for the spots to fade.

With a little patience, the pimple typically, would have dried up and disappeared on its own with no spot but impatience leaves me with spots and scars.

“Scars are mementos that hasty decisions leave on our lives.”

We could glance at our lives and send up silent prayers wishing them away but we usually have a long wait ahead of us till they are gone or at least fade to a point where they are no longer easily seen.

Patience is a rare virtue but one well worth taking the patience to cultivate.


One thought on “A Pimple Lesson

  1. Good lesson…with patience, most problems get themselves solved. Like you marked, it is a rare virtue – this is why it is a flower that does not grow in every garden.

    Thought well-picked…well done.

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